"I highly endorse Gail's work." -- Ken Wilber, Brief History of Everything
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Founder of The Integrated Approach (TIA), developer of 5 successful businesses, published author, trainer, and cutting-edge coach Gail Taylor brings 20 years' professional experience, love and lightness to manifestation and coaching, helping her clients achieve unparalleled success. Gail's tested and proven TIA™ resources integrate mind, body, spirit, heart, gut, action, system, environment, and the transpersonal to produce lightening-fast, lasting results.

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Gail Taylor




Founder of Coaching Humana Ltd, certified TIA™ Integrated Coach, certified constellation adviser and laughter yoga facilitator works with small and medium-sized firms and business executives to help them in strategic planning, goal development, stress management and team building. Katalin also works with individuals, parents and couples to support them in self-discovery and transformation and in making more space in life for love, courage and play. Katalin worked as CFO in the multi-national service industry for 16 years before becoming a TIA™ coach. She has multicultural work experience and speaks English, Hungarian and Serbian.

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Katalin Braun




Founder of Watkins & Associates, certified MBTI instructor, and certified ontological coach, Curtis Watkins brings his clients over 15 years' experience as an executive coach. Curtis’ clients have included American Express, MorganStanley Chase, Citigroup, Amtrak, AT&T, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, KPMG, and United American Energy. 

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Curtis Watkins

Rumi (Rick Kakareka)

Ordained Interfaith Minister and Certified Interplay Leader Rumi (Rick Kakareka) says, "I value living what's real and what's whole. For me, play, full self-expression and body (individual body, group body, long body, etc) are a huge part of living real and whole." Rumi co-founded a Ken Wilber Integral Spiritual Practice Group, lead play-based self-empowerment practices, taught yoga and tennis, founded a Joe Campbell Foundation Round Table, partnered in founding Fiddler's Chocolate, and was a Smithsonian Group Leader for 5 years. He's a visual artist, musician, chef, meditator, and is polyamory-friendly.




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