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Become an Integrated CoachTM

Welcome !

Whether you're an ACC, PCC, MCC or already certified in another program and
looking for advanced personal and professional development...

Or if you're relatively new to the coaching world and would like to become a coach....

TIACCP (The Integrated Approach™ Coach Certification Program) promises
unparalleled discovery, growth, challenge, and fun!

Where do I go next?
First, decide what you want out of TIACCP. Your desires may include:
  • to establish a credential in coaching
  • to build or grow a stable, thriving coaching practice
  • to deepen your skill and insight (sharpen the saw) as a coach
  • to integrate more tools, more of your wisdom, and more of you into your coaching
  • to transcend personal and interpersonal limitations in coaching
  • to renew your aliveness and generate vitality in your coaching 
  • to benefit from coaching opportunities (leads and referrals) in the TIA™ community.

Decide where you'd like your next level to go.

Second, you may want to see two documents that give you a brief overview of TIA Coaching:
  • The TIA™ Wheel (one page, PDF, requires the free acrobat reader)
    This single-page diagram overviews TIA™ (The Integrated Approach™) and its 6 Aspects.
  • TIA™ In Coaching - Slide Show - PPS (940K, 37page slide presentation, requires Power Point to view it, use the spacebar or page-up / page-down to go through the presentation) 
    This is the 37-slide presentation given at the Nov. 2004 International Coach Federation Conference; offers a taste of what TIA™ can do for coaches and coaching clients.  The same document can be seen in PDF at this link: 
    TIA™ In Coaching - Slide Show - PDF (12M, 37page slide presentation, requires the free acrobat reader. Zoom out to see the full page in your browser, then use page-up and page-down to move through the presentation.)
Third, you may want to:
  • get to know TIA™ certifications a bit by exploring this website.
  • get some questions answered by phone.

In any case, whether you're ready to move forward or "just curious" - call and benefit from a Free Consultation.  Declare your desired goals and outcomes, get a taste of TIA™, and see if a TIA™ Coach or TIACCP is a match for you. 

To schedule your free consultation,
please call toll-free: 1.877.535.LIFT (5438).

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