"I highly endorse Gail's work." -- Ken Wilber, Brief History of Everything
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"The Integrated Approach (TIA) - Melting the Ice Cube from All Sides"  (tm)
Founder of The Integrated Approach (TIA), developer of 5 successful businesses, published author, trainer, and cutting-edge coach Gail Taylor brings 20 years' professional experience, love and lightness to manifestation and coaching, helping her clients achieve unparalleled success. Gail's tested and proven TIA resources integrate mind, body, spirit, heart, gut, action, system, environment, and the transpersonal to produce lightening-fast, lasting results.
Gail offers individual / couple / group coaching by phone, teleclasses, workshops, e-books around a multitude of personal and professional development topics, and delivers the TIACCP - The TIA Coach Certification Program.  This multi-traditioned Coach Certification Program caters both to coach-wannabes looking to build an income-producing business and to the Master-Coaches who want a more comprehensive tool kit. 
Personal, professional, and spiritual development products Gail offers can be found on www.TheIntegratedApproach.com.  Books and e-books Gail has published include "The 10-Minute Manifestor" (www.10MinuteManifestor.com), "Practical Spirituality", "Powerful Requests" (www.PowerfulRequests.com) and "Integrated Releaseful Healing Work".  Although many of the online versions are still under construction - these e-books, the online community, and hundreds of other resources can be found at http://www.TheIntegratedApproach.com
As one of the earliest teleclass leaders, since 2002 Gail has also helped coaches, trainers and professionals multiply revenue with less effort (www.WinningTeleclasses.com), while helping beginner teleclass leaders (www.TeleclassMoney.com) find ways to gain financial freedom working from home.  The "How To Lead a Teleclass" course can be found at www.GrowingCompassion.org  

The cross-disciplined, multi-traditioned professional training Gail brings to the table includes programs from Newfield Network, Coach Training Institute (CTI), Integral Institute, Franklin Covey and the International Coach Federation (ICF), as well as ongoing study of dozens of Eastern and Western traditions. Gail is also a certified MBTI administrator, and has more recently trained Master Coaches for the ICF, CTI, and trained hundreds each year in the Compassionate Communication / NVC community, where she spearheaded a community from 12 members to 4000 in 3 years. When she's not coaching or hosting workshops and teleclasses, Gail can often be found catalyzing new initiatives or reading, playing tennis, golf, sailing, ballroom dancing, or playing with her Pomeranian puppy Molly. For more information, see www.integratedcoaches.com or call toll-free 877.535.5438.

You can see some of Gail's writing on her 2 blogs, the personal blog here, and the TIA blog here.



--- "I highly recommend Gail's work." -- Ken Wilber, internationally reknowned author and philosopher

--- "Gail has an extraordinary gift for doing deep work that is joyful and powerful. She creates safe space and she's a lot of fun." -- Martha Lasley, author of Courageous Visions and Leadership That Works partner.

--- "Yikes, I'm amazed." CEO DF NYC

--- "Gail has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities I had never suspected, and the perception has reframed reality for me irreversibly. I am now living in the space of creating every next step from my most thrilling, loving, life-enhancing vision of the future." -- Dorothy Lawson, musician and mother of two, NYC

--- "I feel lighter and buoyant as a result of the work we did. Joseph and I intend to continue to work with what we gained. Gail is truly a gift." -- Ingrid - NYC

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